Craiss records an increase in trainees compared to previous years

• The number of trainees increases slightly despite a shortage of skilled workers

• Logistics service provider welcomes nine new trainees

• Young professionals start in four different skilled occupations

Craiss Generation Logistik GmbH & Co. KG – represented here by training manager Clara Sindermann (3rd from left) – welcomes nine junior employees to the company.

Mühlacker, 1st September 2023 – Today, Craiss Generation Logistik GmbH & Co. KG welcomed its new trainees to the com-pany's headquarters in Mühlacker, Swabia. Nine young professionals will start this year at the international transport and logistics company – significantly more than in previous years. These include four management assistants for freight forwarding and logistics services, two management assistants for office management, two warehouse logistics specialists, and one IT specialist for system integration.

"Especially seeing as the situation on the applicant market in our in-dustry is very tense, we are particularly pleased that we were able to attract more trainees to Craiss this year than in previous years. This underlines the perception of us as an attractive employer in the region," says Dirk Fuhrmann, Head of Human Resources and authorised signatory at Craiss Generation Logistik GmbH & Co. KG.

Not only the sheer number, but also the diversity of trainees stands out this year: the transport and logistics company was able to attract young professionals for four different skilled occupations. In addition, more than half of the trainees are female. Both aspects lead to satis-faction for the medium-sized, owner-managed company: "The trans-port and logistics industry was always, and still is, characterised by a male workforce. This means that filling the trainee positions with an equal split between the genders, as we were able to achieve this year, is, unfortunately, not yet a matter of course," says Fuhrmann.

The trainees got started today by getting to know each other and having lunch together, before the first internal training courses, which are scheduled for the coming week. In addition, the junior staff will pay a first visit to the various training departments, such as Full Truck Load Shipping and Transport Logistics, Billing and Forwarding. "As the icing on the cake of the introductory week, the trainees can look forward to a joint excursion with the older year groups, which will be a fast-paced affair," reveals Fuhrmann. In week two, the trainees will then be assigned to their respective departments.