Subsidiary Logistics

Getting you to your customers

Your customers expect standardised services at every location: the same levels of quality and choice of products. Our transport solutions meet these expectations with services specially tailored to your business, your approach and your subsidiary network.

Examples of our subsidiary network services:

  • Tailor-made concepts
  • Pre-loading units from customer storage facilities to regional hubs
  • Recipient and type order picking with 24/7 handling at regional hubs
  • Branch and customer deliveries on fixed days and times, 24/7
  • Returns and empties processing
  • Acceptance and disposal of packaging material
  • Handling of specialist packaging and hanging goods
  • Documentation management including archiving 
  • Electronic transmission of documentation
  • Fast status feedback and reports

The task
Branch deliveries.

The customer
Market-leading trading company in textile and consumer products.

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Axel Holzhäuer

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Subsidiary Logistics