The Vehicle Fleet

Giving you space

Requirements for modern transport management are diverse. Sometimes small, sometimes large. Sometimes long-term, sometimes short-term. Our vehicle fleet gives you the space and freedom to choose the right solution for any requirement. Which gives you many services for minimal stress. Benefit from these resources for your transport needs:

Jumbo vehicles 120 cbm
Mega trailers 100 cbm
Standard trailers 80 cbm
BDF articulated container trailers Bed or canvas
Distribution vehicles from 3.49 t till 11.99 t
Sprinters 16,84 cbm
Long Truck Type 1 111 cbm

Torsten Kurfiß

Head of Production, Transport, Branch Logistics

T: +49 7041 804-609


Daniel Schwalbe

Team Leader Transport Logistics

T: +49 7041 804-191