The IT Systems

Digitalising processes

The digital management and especially the networking of all processes is essential for your success. We therefore quickly began acquiring IT know-how and developing solutions for our customers. To enable you to keep one step ahead in all things digital.

Benefit from these powerful IT services:

  • Highly flexible applications for transport and warehouse management
  • In-house IT engineers to quickly adapt systems to specific customer projects
  • IT-systems for complex projects in inbound, production and outbound logistics
  • Intelligent logistics software with specialist areas for the automotive and electronics industries
  • Digital processing of tasks in transport and logistics
  • Online access for customers to query statuses, record consignments, output statistics etc.
  • Connecting to customers via EDI converters to transfer orders, statistics, and digitalised documentation for consignments, as well as logistics data on receipts, dispatches, and stocks
  • Intelligent telematic system including the computation of estimated times of arrivals as a basis for notifying customers and/or recipients
  • Scanner-based outbound traffic including handling at facilities and delivery/collection scanning

Matthias Diehm

Chief Financial Officer, CFO

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