Automotive: Craiss is expanding its Eastern European supplier operations

• Polish, Hungarian and Romanian subsidiaries commissioned with plant supply by Stuttgart-based car manufacturer

• More than 30 lorries in continuous operation on seven routes per day

• Reliable time-sensitive plant supply of components


New automotive routes from Eastern Europe: every day, more than 30 trucks from the Hungarian, Romanian and now also the Polish Craiss subsidiary are in continuous operation for supplying the plants for a Stuttgart car manufacturer.

The Craiss Group is expanding its cooperation with a German automobile manufacturer. The logistics company was again entrusted by the Stuttgart-based vehicle manufacturer with just-in-time round trips between its Eastern European suppliers and its German production facilities. The Polish Craiss Logistyka Sp. z o.o. is now the third foreign subsidiary to provide its services for the flow of goods. The volumes of existing orders from the Hungarian Craiss Generation Logistik Kft. and the Romanian Craiss Logistik S.R.L. have also been increased.

"We see this renewed contract award and the trust placed in us by one of the world's most renowned automotive brands as confirmation of our outstanding performance in cross-border plant supply," said Michael Craiss, Managing Director of Craiss Generation Logistik GmbH & Co. KG. Craiss has increased the number of transports for the car manufacturer twelve times over within the last four years. "Despite the current uncertain situation in the shipping industry and the crises that are specifically affecting the industry, such as the shortage of drivers, we have managed to react flexibly to the disruptions and to ensure reliable supply to our customer's plants," Craiss continued.

To that end, Craiss Hungary is now using 20 vehicles to perform round trips between the German plants and Hungary and Slovakia. Craiss Romania has expanded its transports to eight lorries per day. However, the round trips, which are now being handled by Craiss Poland. are completely new. Initially, four vehicles will be operating on the route between the Czech Republic and the Craiss logistics centre in Freiberg, Baden-Württemberg. As a result, more than 30 lorries from the Eastern European Craiss companies are currently on the road every day to serve the German car manufacturer. They are loading time-sensitive components such as cable harnesses, suction nozzles, glass panes or empty containers, such as boxes and racks, which are being returned to the component manufacturers.