Successful launch of Craiss’ spin-off SLYNX

• Online platform developed for special and express trips

• Digital solution connects consignors, carriers and consignees

• Use of the software is free


The SLYNX online platform simplifies the placing and processing of orders for special trips and express logistics. Access is via browser or app. The clear dashboard contains all relevant information.

Promoting digitalisation for special and express trips: SLYNX Spedition.Digital, the corporate start-up from Craiss Generation Logistik GmbH & Co. KG, has officially launched its online platform. With the successful go-live of the innovative software, consignors, carriers and consignees can now place and process orders efficiently and sustainably. The digital end-to-end service has been tested extensively in recent months and, based on the feedback received, has been further developed and adapted to the needs of the users. SLYNX can be accessed via your browser or the app.

"SLYNX is the digital solution for making haulage and the logistics network transparent and ultimately for establishing partnerships and digitally connecting consignors and carriers. It's a solution for the entire supply chain", says Michael Craiss, Managing Director of Craiss Generation Logistik GmbH & Co. KG. The idea for its own corporate start-up grew out of the in-house online platform "Sonderfahrten 4.0" ("Special Trips 4.0") which was awarded the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce's digital prize in 2017. In November 2022, SLYNX won Craiss the "Black Lion" – the most important business award for companies in Baden-Württemberg – in the "Digital Transformation" category.

Feedback from test users was obtained at regular intervals during the development of the software in order to achieve the highest possible degree of usability. Division manager Valerie Boden says: "During the development phase, our target groups carried out multiple user trials, and we then incorporated their feedback in order to make the product as user-friendly and demand-oriented as possible”.

The online platform has now been launched following the pilot phase. Digital mapping of express logistics and special trips is now possible. SLYNX ensures automatic and direct linking with suitable transport partners. All the processing and documentation are done online. There is complete transparency of all delivery information for all the parties involved. In the words of Michael Craiss: "Using SLYNX, time-critical deliveries can be ordered easily via your browser. This represents a significant optimisation of logistical processes along the value chain".

For the next stages of development, the team will focus on other functions in order to further increase the platform's benefits. Automatic and intelligent assignment of orders to locations is currently being planned for a simplified collection and delivery of goods. The use of the software is also free of charge and not related to a minimum turnover, thus offering a competitive advantage.

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