Supporting the food bank: Craiss donates to a good cause

• Social commitment instead of Christmas gifts for customers

• Mühlacker family business supports local food bank with €8,000

• Donation partially finances the purchase of a new refrigerated truck

Food bank managers Hanife Barutcu (left) and Dietmar Bäuchle (right) and board member Rita Lampert (2nd from left) celebrate the Christmas donation of €8,000 presented by Craiss Managing Director Michael Craiss (2nd from right).

Craiss Generation Logistik GmbH & Co. KG is dispensing with generous customer gifts again this year and instead donating to a local non-profit project. To spread a little love this Christmas, the logistics service provider is donating €8,000 to support Mühlacker Tafel e.V, the local food bank. Due to the war in Ukraine and the resulting rise in food and energy prices, more and more people are turning to the food bank's shop. With this donation, the Mühlacker-based company demonstrates not only its social commitment but also its link with its home town.

"In the current crisis – the war of aggression against Ukraine and the associated inflation – we are more aware than ever of our corporate and social responsibility. As an economically successful company, we want to give something back selflessly, particularly in these times and especially among local people," explains Michael Craiss, Managing Director of Craiss Generation Logistik GmbH & Co. KG. In troubled times, solidarity and cohesion are particularly important, agrees Dietmar Bäuchle, head of Mühlacker Tafel e.V.: "The increase in fuel, energy and food prices is particularly noticeable here. The number of people in need has increased by a third compared to pre-crisis levels." With the money donated, the organisation can cover part of the costs for a new refrigerated vehicle to transport food. "We are delighted to be able to support the Mühlacker Food Bank. Not only because the organisation relies on donations, but also because we know the money will go where it's needed," says Craiss.

Since it was founded in 2006, the Mühlacker Food Bank has been committed to combating food waste and poverty. The organisation drives to over 20 grocery stores every day and collects food donations, which are processed, sorted and prepared for sale on the allotted days. Around 210 people in need can shop for themselves and their families three times a week at the Mühlacker Food Bank. Its shop is run by 55 volunteers. From a welfare recipient who wants to give something back to a wealthy golfer – people from the most diverse social classes help out together in the shop, says Bauchle. "We have a great team spirit and a great working atmosphere. Everyone can rely on each other." Besides their typical activities, the volunteers also regularly act as contact persons for those in need, pastoral caregivers and listeners.