Craiss launches the SLYNX digital brand

• Development of an online platform for special and express transports

• A digital solution for networking consignors, consignees and forwarders

• Automation increases efficiency and transparency


Matthias Diehm, Craiss Commercial Director, Valerie Boden, SLYNX Project Manager, and Michael Craiss, also a Craiss Managing Director, (from left to right) have invested a lot of passion and committed effort into the corporate start-up and are looking forward to its launch in January 2023.

Craiss Generation Logistik GmbH & Co. KG has founded an independent corporate start-up with the brand SLYNX Spedition.Digital. With this spin-off, the logistics service provider is further advancing digitalisation for special transports and express logistics. SLYNX is initially pushing the development of an online platform of the same name, which efficiently and sustainably networks consignors, consignees and forwarders with each other. The software can also be used to digitally reproduce and thus accelerate all processes for time-sensitive transports, such as order placement and processing. The platform can be accessed via browser or app. The official launch of the new digital service is scheduled for January 2023.

"The market for transport is highly fragmented. Having many suppliers and an absence of digitalisation, means that there is a considerable lack of transparency with respect to price and quality for the customer," said Michael Craiss, Managing Director of Craiss Generation Logistik GmbH & Co. KG. Furthermore, in the area of time-sensitive special transports and express logistics, carriers would only have a small revenue share, because transports would mostly be contracted out via various sub-partners. Moreover, current manual processes are often characterised by lack of transparency and efficiency. These processes need to be significantly optimised and digitalised. Craiss' solution: to link both sides of the market as efficiently as possible — and to do that using an online platform. This is intended to significantly optimise logistical processes along the value chain.

With the help of SLYNX, the idea is that shippers can easily order time-sensitive deliveries just by using a browser. The online platform ensures automatic and direct networking with suitable transport partners. Both processing and documentation are performed completely online. That means the digital end-to-end service not only creates complete transparency during delivery, but also for the implementing transport partner. Valerie Boden, project manager at SLYNX, believes in a simple and efficient future for logistics: "Our goal is to offer a digital solution for special, logistical requirements and needs that simplifies processes and thus guarantees real added value for both our customers and our transport partners." The use of the platform is free of charge and is not subject to a minimum turnover. "This is quite unique in the industry. We are truly standing out from the competition with this," said Boden.

The business idea for SLYNX became a reality after Craiss developed the in-house online platform "Sonderfahrten 4.0" (Special Transports 4.0). This led to the company being awarded the Digital Prize by the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce in 2017. Craiss: "This proved the feasibility in principle and made us want even more — it made us want to offer an independent digital company as an innovation laboratory and driver for "next generation" logistics companies." As an in-house growth project of the group, SLYNX has a unique mix of digital DNA and logistics expertise, together with a powerful and flexible, dedicated network of carriers.

SLYNX is still a work in progress. All digital components are currently in the trial phase. The online platform is scheduled to go live in January 2023.

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