740 years of service: Craiss celebrates record number of anniversaries

• 45 employees honoured by the Swabian logistics company

• Employees have been with the company for 10, 20, 25, and 35 years

• Certificates and gifts presented as a thank you


Even the executive floor had two service anniversaries to celebrate in 2021: Managing Director Michael Craiss (right) and his father and predecessor Albert Craiss (2nd from right) thanked Jörg Schneider (2nd from left), Managing Director Contract Logistics, and Matthias Diehm (left), Commercial Managing Director, for their 25 years of loyalty to the company.

This year Craiss Generation Logistik GmbH & Co. KG is celebrating not only its own company anniversary over 90 years but also 740 years of service for 45 of its employees. The skilled workers from warehouse logistics to administration and workshop to production have been working for the logistics service provider from Baden-Württemberg for up to 35 years. With Jörg Schneider and Matthias Diehm, even the top management is celebrating two silver service anniversaries. The management honoured all jubilarians for their tireless commitment and continued loyalty to the company with a gift, a certificate, and a heartfelt thank you.

“Long-standing employees are the best proof of a good working atmosphere. That is why we are all the more pleased to be able to congratulate so many colleagues on their decades of service to Craiss”, says Michael Craiss, Managing Director of Craiss Generation Logistik GmbH & Co. KG.

Throughout the year, the company thanked the jubilarians from the Mühlacker, Berlin, Warburg, Bremerhaven, and Bremen sites for their long years of service with certificates and gifts. “Without the commitment of all colleagues, the company would not have been able to take the gratifying development it has done in the past years – even during the Corona crisis”, says Craiss.

Jörg Schneider and Matthias Diehm have diligently contributed to the success story of Craiss. The current members of the management team have been part of the family business since 1996. Both completed a degree in business administration at Pforzheim University before they moved to Mühlacker. While Schneider, as logistics manager, was responsible for the expansion of the various contract logistics locations as dedicated warehouse solutions, Diehm was responsible for quality management, IT management, and customer advisory services. In 2003, both were granted power of attorney. In 2018, they were appointed as Managing Director of Contract Logistics and Commercial Managing Director, respectively.

The jubilarians are:

Berlin: Frank Wendlandt (25 Years), Thomas Reiter (20 Years), Oliver Möws (20 Years), Mario Fichtner (20 Years), Dieter Spitzner (20 Years), Christine Krombholz (20 Years), Jörg Fehrmann (20 Years), Uwe Voß (20 Years), Ingo Pärschke (20 Years), Olaf Moll (20 Years), Bernd Fitzke (20 Years), Michael Sperling (20 Years), Mathias Wjertzoch (20 Years) und Torsten Farr (10 Years)

Bremen: Thorsten Dether (10 Years)

Bremerhaven: Stefan Wassmund (10 Years)

Mühlacker: Petra Müller (35 Years), Gaby Eckstein (30 Years), Jörg Schneider (25 Years), Matthias Diehm (25 Years), Michael Mantel (25 Years), Vladimira Ovesny (25 Years), Peter Schwenk (20 Years), Thomas Düwert (20 Years), Alex Schmidt (20 Years), Andreas Hantschel (20 Years), Daniel Vincenzi (20 Years), Nadine Knodel (10 Years), Ewald Gschnitzer (10 Years), Laszlo Janos Sötet (10 Years), Attila Mandoki (10 Years), Csaba Deli (10 Years), Gerd Hartmann (10 Years), Zoltan Kis (10 Years), Stefanie Rönnfeldt (10 Years), Vanessa Bräuninger (10 Years), Tibor Lako (10 Years), Geza Magas (10 Years), Anton Kuhn (10 Years), Lara Kimmich (10 Years), Matthias Mayer (10 Years) und Robert Laszlo Katona (10 Years)

Warburg: Frank Ise (10 Years), Tobias Harker (10 Years) und Viktoria Tewes (10 Years)