285 years of company loyalty: Craiss honours service anniversaries

• Logistics service provider celebrated 14 company anniversaries last year

• Some of the employees have been with the company for 30 years

• Craiss honoured them with certificates and gift baskets


Managing Director Michael Craiss (r.) and Human Resources Manager Dirk Fuhrmann (l.) honoured 14 employees in 2020 for their many years of service at Craiss Generation Logistik GmbH & Co. KG, including Axel Holzhäuer (m.).

Craiss Generation Logistik GmbH & Co. KG found a lot to celebrate in 2020, despite the coronavirus crisis: for a total of 14 employees, it was the tenth, twentieth, twenty-fifth or even thirtieth anniversary of their employment with the Swabian medium-sized company. The management honoured a total of 285 years of dedication and loyalty with certificates and gift vouchers.

"Especially in times like the current pandemic, it's great to be able to rely on the backing of such reliable and committed employees who keep the company running," says Dirk Fuhrmann, Head of Human Resources at Craiss Logistik GmbH & Co. KG. Albeit with sufficient distance, in line with COVID-19 guidelines, the company honoured the 14 jubilarians from the Mühlacker, Berlin, Warburg and Bremen sites for their long years of service with certificates and gift baskets. "It fills me with pride that Craiss and its colleagues can look back on such a long journey together and, above all, look ahead to the future with confidence," says Fuhrmann.

The jubilarians are: Roland Pfeiffer (30 years, Mühlacker), Denies Hickmann (25 years, Mühlacker), Silke Simon (25 years, Mühlacker), Jan Arapoglu (25 years, Mühlacker), Annette Herrmann (25 years, Berlin), Birgit Gerst (25 years, Mühlacker), Jürgen Nörenberg (20 years, Mühlacker), Axel Holzhäuer (20 years, Mühlacker), Raphael Kemmer (20 years, Mühlacker), Ali Acar (20 years, Mühlacker), Regina Seifried (20 years, Mühlacker), Wolfgang Breschinski (10 years, Mühlacker), Köksal Ocakli (10 years, Bremen) and Benjamin Rehberg (10 years, Warburg).