Increased safety in the warehouse: Craiss modernises its forklift fleet

• Logistics service provider invests in preventing accidents

• Vehicle activation via chip prevents unauthorised access

• Light elements and assistance system prevent collisions


Albert Craiss GmbH & Co. KG has raised its safety standards in the warehouse. From now on, new, ultra-modern forklifts will be in use at the Bremerhaven and Schwandorf locations. LED light strips and a projector send optical warning signals. And a built-in assistance system detects dangers at an early stage and thus reduces collisions with closing doors. Vertically aligned headlights also constantly illuminate the working area. Only authorised drivers can unlock and use the forklifts via chip.

“Whether loading or picking – when it comes to intra-logistics, things are often hectic and confusing. By regularly upgrading our vehicles with the latest safety technology, we minimise the risk of accidents for our employees”, says Carmen Halm, manager of the forklift fleet at Albert Craiss GmbH & Co. KG.

The latest purchases of the Swabian logistics expert are also equipped with the latest security features – starting with access control via a radio frequency identification transponder (RFID). The new forklifts can be started only by authorised personnel with the aid of a chip.

One LED light strip each at the front and rear of the forklifts as well as vertically aligned headlights ensure the uniform illumination of the entire working area of the forklift: forks, load area, and the space from the floor to the rack. At the same time, they reduce the glare of oncoming vehicles as well as their own glare from walls, goods, and truck interiors. The LED light strips also automatically change colour when changing from forward to reverse gear – or vice versa – and thus indicate the direction of travel.

A front and rear LED light attached to the overhead guard frame also projects a blue warning dot onto the floor. In this way, pedestrians and other forklift drivers are warned of approaching vehicles. “With this system, we significantly increase safety both in the shelving area and at unclear intersections”, says Halm. With the help of a built-in assistance system, speed zones in which the vehicle’s speed is reduced can be defined. The new forklift technology will be extended to other Craiss locations.