Christmas donation: Craiss is working against domestic violence

• The logistics company is donating money instead of handing out customer gifts

• A Pforzheim women's shelter is receiving 7,000 euros

• 1,200 euros are being donated to other charitable projects


Craiss managing director Michael Craiss presents Tanja Göldner from the Pforzheim ecumenical women's shelter with a symbolic check for 7,000 euros.

This year Albert Craiss GmbH & Co. KG is once again foregoing generous customer gifts and is instead donating to charitable causes. This Christmas, 7,000 euros will be donated to the Pforzheim ecumenical women's shelter. This donation will help finance a needed internship position. Craiss managing director Michael Craiss presented the institution with a symbolic cheque. Other organisations are also being supported with a further 1,200 euros.

"As a successful company, we see it as our duty to assume not only economic but also social and societal responsibility – especially at our local level," said Michael Craiss, Managing Director of Albert Craiss GmbH & Co. KG. Solidarity and sticking together are particularly important in these turbulent times. "During the lockdowns induced by coronavirus, there was an increase in domestic violence against women. It is currently more important than ever to support shelters for you and your children, such as the Pforzheim women's shelter,” said Craiss, explaining the choice of this year's recipient. This money will enable the institution to partially finance a one-year, voluntary social work position, which is needed to support women in dealing with the authorities or in looking after their children.

A further 1,200 euros will go to the Pforzheim Sterneninsel children's hospice, the Auenhof housing project, and the Christophorushilfe association of the Maulbronn children's centre. Part of this money comes from Craiss' in-house, so-called "too late fund": anyone who arrives late for the weekly management and executives meeting on Monday has to deposit five euros into that fund. "Most of the money probably comes from me," said Craiss, smiling. The family business will also provide its employees with coffee for a small donation of 20 cents. This money also enters into the Christmas donation at the end of each year.