Start of training: Craiss welcomes 15 prospective specialists

• Logistics specialist trains in five occupations this year

• Dual studies at the DHBW possible

• Einführungswoche am Hauptsitz in Mühlacker

The Albert Craiss GmbH & Co. KG welcomed its junior staff of the new apprenticeship year on Monday morning. Four prospective professional drivers, two prospective warehouse logistics specialists, a prospective warehouse specialist, a budding office management trainee, five prospective freight forwarding and logistics service professionals, and two dual students are beginning their careers this fall with the international logistics expert. The offspring will start their professional lives at the Mühlacker and Warburg locations. Initially, however, there will be a joint introductory week at the headquarters of the company in Swabia, including a visit to the factory, an introductory round, initial training courses and a trainee excursion spanning several years.