CRAISS establishes joint venture for sea and air freight

CRAISS founded a joint venture together with the Karlsruhe sea and air freight specialist ITK (Internationales Transport-Kontor GmbH).

According to the motto "The middle class bundles its forces", we founded LSA Logistics Sea & Air on January 1, 2019. CRAISS and ITK are shareholders in equal shares.

We combine our competences:
· Long-established network of agents around the world
· Sea and air freight
· Letter of credit and customs experience
· Specialised staff, trained in-house
· Association of the middle class
· Supporting CRAISS and ITK employees at 15 locations across Europe

If you would like more information about LSA, please contact us:
Sabrina Huber, Manfried Lautz, Ursula Cantrup, Andreas Kempf

+49 (0) 721 9212650-0

We look forward to your inquiry.