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• The number of trainees increases slightly despite a shortage of skilled workers

• Logistics service provider welcomes nine new trainees

• Young...

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• Reconceptualisation of storage and assembly facility completed

• AutoStore® system installed with 23,000 containers

• Pick performance and error...

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• Expert jury finds logistics service provider innovative, sustainable and sustainable

• Award honors digitization, sustainability and employee...

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• Corporate start-up digitalises special and express tours

• Solutions for warehouse logistics and picking

• Exhibition stand in hall 7, booth...

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• Polish, Hungarian and Romanian subsidiaries commissioned with plant supply by Stuttgart-based car manufacturer

• More than 30 lorries in...

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• Online platform developed for special and express trips

• Digital solution connects consignors, carriers and consignees

• Use of the...

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• Social commitment instead of Christmas gifts for customers

• Mühlacker family business supports local food bank with €8,000

• ...

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• Employees who have served in the Swabian logistics service provider for up to 35 years

• Anniversaries in numerous departments at five...

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• Receiving the "Digital Transformation" award

• Taking a groundbreaking step with the SLYNX spin-off

• Receiving the "Schwarzer Löwe" (Black Lion)...

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• Development of an online platform for special and express transports

• A digital solution for networking consignors, consignees and forwarders


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