A continuous lineage

Craiss is a family run business now in its fourth generation. The continuous handing on of responsibility gives security: inside and outside of the business. Since 2011,

Michael Craiss has been the sole managing director of the company. He receives strong support from his father, Albert Craiss, who took over the chair of the supervisory board in 2011. We would like to introduce them here so that you can get to know them better. Michael Craiss Born 1967 and a "part" of the business since then. After an apprenticeship as a commercial vehicle mechanic, he completed a traineeship in logistics administration. He then spent time working in every operational area of the company. He became a managing director in 2004 and sole managing director in 2011. Michael Craiss has three children.

Albert Craiss Senior, born 1937. In 1961, he took over his father's beverage filling and fuel trading business and brought about strong growth within the heating oil sector achieving a 50% market share of the Enzkreis district during the 1970s. In 1972 he began providing freight services. From 1979 he focused the business exclusively on the transport and logistics sector. In 2011, after 50 years as managing director of the family business, he took over the chair of the supervisory board.