The Story

A quick look at the history of Craiss

Founding of LSA, LOGISTICS SEA & AIR: A joint venture of the ITK and Craiss Group.

Foundation of a second branch in the Czech Republic in Mohelnice.

Foundation of the Hungarian subsidiary company, Generation Logistik KFT in Jászkisér.

Foundation of our subsidiary company, Craiss – Generation Logistik - Karlsruhe GmbH.

Inauguration of the new contract logistics location in Sibiu, Romania. After a short construction period, our new multi-user warehouse was officially opened in March.
Find out more here: New building Sibiu

Craiss joined the ELVIS distribution network.

Expansion of the business management: As of June 2018, Jörg Schneider and Matthias Diehm together with Michael Craiss formed the management of Albert Craiss GmbH & Co. KG. Jörg Schneider took over the business management of the contract logistics, Matthias Diehm took over the task of the commercial business manager.

At the launch date in January, Craiss took over the complete logistics of Kerateam Fliesenproduktions und -vertriebs GmbH & Co. KG in Leisnig / Saxony. This included, among other things, a hall floor area of 12,500 square meters, with a storage capacity of almost one million square meters of tiles, which corresponds to 16,000 euro pallets.

Foundation of the Sonderfahrt 4.0 auction portal.

Expansion of the fleet by three long trucks.

Craiss won the WE DO DIGITAL award in the logistics section at the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce Congress (DIHK). Craiss was honoured here for their new product, Sonderfahrt 4.0.

The story

On 1 January 2015, Craiss opens a new branch in Skopje, the capital of Macedonia.

Craiss Logistyka Sp.Z.o.o. awarded DIN ISO 9001:2008 certification.

Takes over production supplies for a leading international technology business with 6,000 m2 of logistics space at its Regensburg site.

Starts operating a "dedicated warehouse" at a customer site in Schwandorf. Craiss takes over all production supplies for an automotive supplier with a 7,000 m² facility.

Converts to electronic invoicing. All transport documentation can be accessed via an online client on the Craiss website.

Craiss begins implementation of a detailed risk management system for its vehicle fleet. The aim of the system is to minimise avoidable vehicle damage.

Craiss joins the ILN general cargo network.

Installation of a 5,200 m² photovoltaic unit on the roof of our headquarters in Mühlacker.

Start of a new telematic system which all Craiss vehicles are equipped with.

Establishment of the Romanian subsidiary Craiss Transport SRL in Sibiu.

Vehicle fleet expanded with 36 new vehicles.

On 1 September 2012, Craiss takes over receipt and dispatch logistics for the internal transport operations of a well-known automotive supplier in Rotenburg a.d.F. The service is provided using a 3,000 m² facility at the customer's factory.

Re-location of the Czech company's site from Beroun to a modern warehouse and office site in Prague.

After 50 years as managing director, Albert Craiss joins the advisory board of Albert Craiss GmbH & Co.KG and hands over management to his son Michael Craiss.

New jumbo swap-trailer and articulated tractor units with the latest EURO 5 engines added to vehicle fleet.

Twelve vehicles added to fleet.

Opening of a 3,000 m² "dedicated warehouse" at the Warburg site.

Implementation of 49,000 m² of storage facilities for the ceramics industry in Bremen and Bremerhaven. Craiss takes over warehouse and picking operations as well as the national distribution of finished goods.

Increased market penetration into eastern Europe: Establishment of companies in Romania and Ukraine.

First phase of expansion into Asia: Establishment of the Chinese SCIN company. Development of the Asia Log logistics centre in Shanghai: sourcing, assembling, packing.

The LiNet research and development project comes to successful completion: a decisive step to becoming a supply chain partner.

Entire vehicle fleet is equipped with on-board computers: vehicle tracking using GPS, automated data exchange between vehicles and schedulers.

Extension of activities in Eastern Europe: Establishment of the Polish Craiss Logistyka sp.z.o.o. subsidiary.

Initial phase of expansion in the east: Establishment of the Czech subsidiary Craiss Logistic s.r.o.

Switch to jumbo swap trailers and implementation of warehouse-on-wheels processing.

Installation of a new 15,000 m² service centre at the company headquarters.

Expansion of storage activities for the automotive industry: Just-in-time, sequencing, assembly services.

Introduction of swap-trailer systems for international transport.

The increasing use of oil during the wirtschaftswunder period results in Craiss becoming a mineral oil wholesaler.

Craiss established as a trade and production supplier.