Our Mission

Taking responsibility

We live and breathe logistics. For us this means more than simply providing transport, warehousing and other services. As a company with around 800 employees and over 1000 customers who in turn employ several thousands of personnel, we are doing much more, especially in the following three areas.

1. Quality Certified according to DIN ISO 9001:2015. Customer satisfaction is our goal so we guarantee extensive, high-quality services, on-time logistics and a fully integrated quality management system. We achieve customer satisfaction by ensuring employees are aware of the importance of quality, and we continuously optimise our internal organisational structures and processes.

2. Code of conduct A clear code of conduct ensures everybody is aware of company guidelines and legal requirements as well as workplace risks and hazards. The code also guarantees a responsible approach towards business partners and the public and the way we behave to each other within the company.

3. Sustainability We take responsibility for the environment and for future generations so we ensure our vehicle fleet is as environmentally friendly as possible.


  • Low emission vehicles
  • Environmentally friendly planning and monitoring via the latest telematic and logistics systems  
  • Low-resistance tyres and continuous tyre pressure monitoring  
  • Training personnel in methods of fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly driving
  • Central scheduling of routes to avoid unnecessary detours and non-productive mileage

Valerie Boden

Team leader for strategy and corporate development / digitization

T: +49 7041 804-115

Torsten Kurfiß

Head of Transportation, Full Load Transports / Motorists

T: +49 7041 804-609
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