Warehousing Logistics

Everything in its right place

Everything from raw materials, single-item products, replacement parts and finished products will find a home with us. Furthermore, our networked IT system gives you a continuous overview. Choose from our range of service to find a solution to match your needs.

Our services for warehousing logistics:

  • Block storage
  • Shelf storage
  • Downsizing
  • Order picking
  • Sequencing
  • Packaging
  • Multi-user warehousing
  • Dedicated warehousing
  • Receipts according to remittance advice
  • Dispatch of finished parts
  • Stock monitoring
  • Scheduling according to minimum / reorder levels
  •  Information logistics
  • Craiss warehouse management system
  • Links to customer systems / converters
  • Scanner-based processes
  • Route optimisation

The task
Setting up of dedicated warehousing

The customer
Leading automotive supplier

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Jörg Schneider

Chief Operating Officer, COO

T: +49 7041 804-119

Michael Mantel

Supply-Chain Manager, Senior Consultant

T: +49 7041 804-632
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