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New LNG truck: CRAISS relies on alternative fuels

• Sustainable transport solutions set benchmarks in the industry• Ecological responsibility drives fleet expansion• After liquefied natural gas, two electric trucks complement the CRAISS fleet

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to the new era

Logistics are gaining in importance and is becoming a key factor in achieving success in any economic sector, from manufacturing companies through to online traders. Craiss is a business approaching its 90th year and has been a driver of these developments. It provides transport management services ranging from partial loads to volume transportation as well as services to meet the complex needs of contract logistics.

We have grown up with the logistics sector. We have shaped it and are a part of GENERATION LOGISTICS

Find out more here and learn about the fascination of a cross-generational movement.

• Sustainable transport solutions set benchmarks in the industry

• Ecological responsibility drives fleet expansion

• After liquefied natural gas,...

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• Warehouses in Mühlacker and Karlsruhe offer integrated logistics solutions

• In-house goods management systems ensure transparent flow of...

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• Social commitment instead of generous Christmas gifts

• The Mühlacker family business supports outpatient Pforzheim children's and youth hospice...

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